Lineal Plant Holder

Flower boxes

Plant holders comprising planks of high-quality treated and varnished pine wood and metalised and painted steel providing strength, style and durability.

he LINEAL series comprises three different types of plant holder, the 1000, the 800 and the 400. The 1000 and 800 are large-capacity plant holders with fibre glass and polyester containers intended for housing large plants. The 400 is ideal for separating different areas or simply for housing plants in lines, with a galvanised steel container. This plant holder can have one or two levels of wood and a total length of 1500 or 1000 mm.

The LINEAL 400 plant holders can be fitted with a notice holder where a canvas can be mounted to insert advertising (canvas not supplied by Urbes 21).

Lineal Plant Holder

Technical specifications


  • LINEAL 1000 plant holder 122 Kilos
  • LINEAL 800 plant holder 90 Kilos
  • LINEAL 1500x400 plant holder 46 Kilos
  • LINEAL 1500x400 2-level plant holder 68 Kilos


  • 70 mm thick pine wood.
  • Galvanised sheet steel frontal parts and frame.
  • 8 mm thick steel legs.


  • Galvanised steel frontal parts and frame.
  • Legs of steel stripped, metalised and painted with primer and two coats of Oxiron steel grey paint.
  • Pine wood, treated (level 4) and open-pore varnished.

Completed projets

  • Plaza Abastos I

    Plaza Abastos I
    Plaza Abastos I
  • Plaza Abastos II

    Plaza Abastos II
    Plaza Abastos II


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