Urbes 21 - Robust products

1. Robust products

Urbes 21 manufactures its street furniture with the best materials, such as cast iron and AISI 316 stainless steel, in order to guarantee a permanently new look. The quality of the open-pore treated and varnished tropical wood is excellent.

2. First-rate design

Urbes 21’s refined furniture designs are a result of the participation of prestigious architects and designers in the field of product development.

First-rate design

3. Versatility

The Urbes 21 designs are adapted to different settings with different configurations for some of its products: Urbes 21 is one of the few manufacturers that can enamel iron in different colours.

4. Modernity

All of the elements manufactured by Urbes 21 are adaptable to the setting and have modern designs.

Urbes 21 - Personalisation

5. Personalisation

The bins and plant holders can be personalised with a shield or symbol chosen by the client subject to a minimum unit requirement.