Salva Fábregas

Salva Fábregas
Salva Fábregas

Industrial Designer.

Born in El Masnou, Barcelona, 1969.

A carpenter's son, he first studied mechanical engineering and then industrial design in Barcelona.

After operating from his first studio he went on to become a company designer, gaining comprehensive experience working for two firms with proven track records in public spaces, street furniture and special project development, and he has participated in the development of a large number of pieces by an array of different originators that furnish our streets and squares.

He currently complements this in-house work with his own product development studio and teaching work, which has been present throughout his career.

An active promoter of design, he was a member of the ADI FAD board from 2001 to 2006 and has collaborated with entities such as the BCD.

Urbes 21 urban & street furniture

Avoid the generation of waste as far as possible and manage those produced in an efficient and respectful way with the environment. All this with the aim that the activities of our company cause minimal impact on the environment.

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