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  Lineal Bench
Product description:

The benches are manufactured from treated and varnished pine wood and four pieces of metalised steel painted in steel grey: leg with arm, leg without arm, lower crossbar and back strip. By combining these parts we can obtain a large variety of models which make it a very versatile and fun bench.So, benches with or without arms, with a long back, with a short back on side or the other, with two backs in a line or facing each other, providing a variety of models and shapes to play with when it comes to locating them in the town or city.

Technical Specifications:


- Armless and backless bench: 64 kg

- Armless half-back bench: 81 kg

- Armless full-back bench: 88 kg

- Armless bench with backs facing each other: 99 kg

- Half-back bench with arms: 97 kg

- Full-back bench with arms: 104 kg


- Pine wood treated (to level 4) and open-pore varnished

- Structure of steel, stripped, metalised and painted with a coat of primer and two of Oxiron steel grey paint.


- 70 mm thick pine wood.

- Legs, back strips and crossbars of 8 mm thick sheet steel.

 Completed Projects:  Design:
  • Parque en Burgos I
  • Parque en Burgos II
  • Plaza Abastos (Chiclana) I
  • Plaza Abastos (Chiclana) II
  • Gemma Bernal