Tres Tree Pit

Tree Protectors

Element manufactured in 100% recycled roto-moulded polyethylene.

Its shape, designed especially, allows the tree’s growth to be monitored regardless of the direction it grows in, demarcating the pedestrian area providing safety for pedestrians.The tree pit is supplied with stainless steel building frame.

Tres Tree Pit

Technical specifications


  • res 1 x 1 m Tree Pit Unit 10 Kilos


  • Tree pit parts finished in various colours.
  • Frame with natural finish.Materials.
  • Tree pit in roto-moulded polyethylene.
  • Tree pit frame in galvanised sheet steel.

Tres Tree Pit

El alcorque Tres se suministra con marco para obra y toda la tortillería necesaria para su fijación a suelo.

Tres Tree Pit
Tres Tree Pit

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