Hudson bench


Bench with legs shaped from two symmetrical curved stainless steel tubes, welded to obtain a bench that appears to be “a distance” from the ground.

The seat is made of two pieces of wood and the back-rest of another two pieces of wood of different sizes that house, in the interior, the upper part of the legs. the entire unit is made of treated and open pore varnished tali wood. The edges of these elements have been bevelled to imitate the minimalist style of the supports.

Hudson bench

Technical specifications


  • Hudson bench 2 m 61 Kilos
  • Hudson bench 3 m 91 Kilos


  • Bench legs made of stainless steel tubes.
  • Tali wood.


  • Bright aisi 316 stainless steel legs.
  • Treated and open pore varnished tali wood.

Hudson bench

Anclaje mediante tornillos barraqueros, tacos de expansión ó similar de M.10 ó M.12 y longitud adecuada al piso. Dos tornillos por pata.

Hudson bench
Hudson bench

Completed projets


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