Tempo Separating Marker


Separating element made from rectangular 70 x 20 mm steel tubing, metalised and painted in forge black. A watertight light fixture located at the top allows provision of lighting to the section of road occupied by the separator, so that, in addition to providing light, the separator can easily be seen by all users of the public road.

Tempo Separating Marker

Technical specifications


  • Tempo Separating Marker 9 Kilos


  • Structure made up of 70 x 20 x 2 mm steel tubing.
  • Osram LUMILUX BRIK 13 W IP54 light fixtures.


  • Stripped, metalised tubing painted with primer and two coats of Oxiron forge black paint.

Tempo Separating Marker

La serie tempo tiene su origen el concurso, convocado por la diputación de Álava para dotar de elementos urbanos a los cascos históricos de la provincia, donde Urbes 21 obtuvo una mención especial por el conjunto de sus diseños.

Tempo Separating Marker
Tempo Separating Marker

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Gema Bernal y Asociados

Gema Bernal y Asociados
Gema Bernal y Asociados

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