Paseo bench


Comfortable bench based on a simple design. it includes modern materials and is appropriate for all types of environments that require a simple bench with a modern touch.

The dust painted aluminium legs and the coloured pultrusion of the strips make this bench fully capable of resisting outdoor conditions without any maintenance requirements. it is also fully recyclable at the end of its life.

Paseo bench

Technical specifications


  • Paseo bench 1.5 m 46 Kilos
  • Paseo bench 3 m 84 Kilos
  • Paseo chair 0.6 m 29 Kilos


  • Cast aluminium rim and cover.
  • Steel plate body.


  • Legs with primer and dust painted in metallic grey.
  • White or beige pultrusion strips.

Paseo bench

Los bancos se anclan mediante varillas roscadas roscadas en cada extremo de cada pata de M.10×100 mm suministradas por Urbes 21. Para realizar elanclaje, se realizarán los orificios necesarios para insertar las varillas y serellenarán de cemento rápido ó material similar antes de colocar el banco en suposición.

Paseo bench
Paseo bench

Completed projets

  • Motril

  • Motril II

    Motril II
    Motril II
  • Paseo marítimo Almeria

    Paseo marítimo Almeria
    Paseo marítimo Almeria


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Urbes 21 urban & street furniture

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