Kamel ashtray


Cylindrical ashtray manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel tubes, with a diameter of 154 mm and 2 mm tic. The ashtray is made up of a body and a head.

The head, whick acts as a container, houses two swinging flaps that, in their resting position, drive cigarette stubs inside and en emptying position, let them out.

Because of the used materials, minimal maintenance is required.

Manufactured in two versions:

  • Pavement ashtray with a base to be screwed to the ground.
  • Wall ashtray with a rear frame to be attached to the wall.

Kamel ashtray

Technical specifications


  • Kamel pavemente ashtray 9,6 Kilos
  • Kamel wall ashtray 5,9 Kilos


  • AISI 304 stainless steel tube (By request, it can be manufactured in AISI 316 for seaside settings)


  • Emery polish

Kamel ashtray

Desmonte la base del cenicero desatornillando los tres tornillo DIN 912 M. 8X35.

Fije esta base al suelo mediante el taco de anclaje M 10X90 suministrado junto con el cenicero. Amarre a tope con la arandela y tuerca suministradas.

IMPORTANTE: Asegúresee que uno de los orificios de la base señala la posición frontal del cenicero

Para atornillar el cuerpo a la base las boca-llave de amarre del cenicero deben estar en la posición correcta y y vuelve a fijar los tornillos DIN 912 M. 8×35.

Kamel ashtray
Kamel ashtray
Kamel ashtray
Kamel ashtray

Completed projets

  • Residencia La Pereda (Santander) I

    Residencia La Pereda (Santander) I
    Residencia La Pereda (Santander) I
  • Residencia La Pereda (Santander) II

    Residencia La Pereda (Santander) II
    Residencia La Pereda (Santander) II


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