Alba range


The Alba range comprises single units based on a structure made of rectangular hot galvanised steel tubes and a colour polyester table and seat.

Possible combinations make this range easily adaptable to all kinds of public places, such as universities, leisure centres, squares… that require an open-air leisure or work point. Combinations of one, two and even four single unit tables can be formed.

The combinations of two and four tables feature an intermediate hot galvanized steel structure to provide a place to hang clothes, bags…

They come in two colours: green and beige.

Alba range

Technical specifications


  • Single unit alba range 48 Kilos
  • Double seat alba range 65 Kilos
  • Double alba range 104 Kilos
  • Four unit alba range 210 Kilos


  • Steel tube structure.
  • Pressed polyester seat and table.


  • Hot galvanised steel structure.
  • Polyester table and seat finished in green or beige.

Completed projets


Ficha técnica

Urbes 21 urban & street furniture

Avoid the generation of waste as far as possible and manage those produced in an efficient and respectful way with the environment. All this with the aim that the activities of our company cause minimal impact on the environment.

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