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  Paul Henninge
  Gemma Bernal
  Salva Fábregas
  Iosu Rada
  Jose Piris
The Brown Buffalo
 Location :
  ··  Avda. de Valdecilla, 66
Soto de la Marina 39110 - Cantabria
  Contact us:
  ··  Telf.: +34 942 579 295
Fax.: +34 942 579 289
E-Mail: comercial@urbes21.com
The Brown Buffalo:
The Brown Buffalo

The Brown Buffalo is a collective of like-minded designers that specialize in the development of products ranging from furniture and wood burning stoves to wheeled luggage, handbags, backpacks, apparel and equipment.

Formed in 2004 by a former motocross camera man, Los Angeles native, and fashion connoisseur, the Brown Buffalo also includes a 2000 graduate of industrial design from Syracuse University, an ex professional Snowboarder, and an underground graffiti artist.

Fueled by an endless supply of Amaretto, the adrenaline of a 1970's muscle car, a globe circling travel docket, helmets and high heels, the Brown Buffalo employs architecturally minded methods to create product from process.